• Ruby Dee
    October 27, 1922-June 12, 2014
  • Ruby Dee, Talking about falling in love with Ossie Davis
    “I remember looking up at him and something very peculiar happened, I hadn’t been thinking about him in any particular way and I had no romantic notions about him. But, as I watched him I felt something like a bolt of lightning."
  • Ruby Dee, Talking about Spike Lee
    “Spike, despite all the odds, Hollywood turned him down, And then, when he had his offering with the establishment in Hollywood they turned around and looked at him and opened the doors to him and a number of other young filmmakers too.”
  • Angela Davis, talking about Ossie Davis and Ruby Dee
    “I think Ossie Davis and Ruby Dee’s lives indicate that it’s not about a particular moment, it’s about learning to live one’s life in a particular way.”
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